Put Up More Factories in Our County: Government Petitioned

Nominated Senator Christine Zawadi (Left) flanked by Lands Administrative Cabinet Secretary Gideon Mung'aro (Right) Nominated Senator Christine Zawadi (Left) flanked by Lands Administrative Cabinet Secretary Gideon Mung'aro (Right)

By Peter Kombe

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Nominated senator Christine Zawadi has called on the national government to build more factories within Kilifi County in a bid to create more employment opportunities to the locals.

The senator noted that Kilifi County has only one factory which is Mabati rolling mills in Mariakani within Rabai sub county.

Speaking to The COAST Newspaper in Mombasa, the politician noted that Ganze Sub County does not have any income generating activity that can sustain locals economically.

She said the area has turned to be a hunger zone throughout the year following the lack of factories.

“We need factory in Ganze, it is surprising that there is not even a single factory over there. I urge the government to build several factories so as to alleviate the poverty situation experienced in the area at the moment” She said

Meanwhile, the senator accused Kilifi County Government officers at the border points for overcharging businessmen who engage in transportation of raw materials.

She outlined that some of natural resources; including river sand and ballast from Kilifi County are heavily taxed posing a burden to the locals due to the high charges.

“There are several raw materials that are charged at all border points in both Kilifi and Mombasa counties. It will be more prudent the tax mechanism is streamlined in favor of the common man.” Senator Zawadi said

Senator Zawadi urged county governments throughout the country to streamline their tax mechanism in favor the common man.

The politician noted that she will soon table a motion in parliament to harmonize tax payment in various counties.

On the issue of equality among women and their role in politics, the nominated senator urged women across the political divide to flock in massive numbers and vie for elective posts in both county and national government.

She attributed the low turn-out of women vying for political positions to the attitude men have towards women.

“Never will men give chances to woman. That is why as women we must fight for our political rights. Men have always belittled us.” The politician said

The nominated senator also challenged women to apply for tender in both county and national government levels without fear or favor.

She said it is the right of all Kenyans regardless of their gender or political inclinations to access and apply for any government tender.

“We all have equal rights gone are the days when women were not considered in any position. I urge women to come out and apply for any tender from any government” She added

She urged women to engage in public participation forums in order to learn more about their socio-economic and political rights.

The senator however blamed most counties on claims of not having implemented the thirty per cent gender rule.

Meanwhile, Kilifi County based resident Mishi Mwandoro called on the county government to consider the youths in the area saying claiming there rampant unemployment.

She noted that most of the youth engage in the county do menial jobs despite their academic qualifications in various fields.

“The county government has totally forgotten the youths. We feel isolated despite having gone to school and qualifying for county jobs.” She lamented

The concerned youth further indicated that the rapid unemployment levels have led to poverty amongst many families within the county.

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