You Are Fleecing Our Money; MP’s Accused

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid flanked by his staff members Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid flanked by his staff members

You Are Fleecing Our Money; MP’s Warned

By The COAST Newspaper Team

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Kenyans have expressed concern over the manner in which Members of Parliament are using public coffers money in the name of evaluating elections.

A locally based human rights organization Haki Africa has vehemently condemned the over 300 members of parliament who are allegedly enjoying themselves in a five star hotel in Mombasa with full paid up trips claiming to be conducting election evaluations.

Speaking in Mombasa on Wednesday, HAKI Africa executive Director Hussein Khalid said the 349 members of parliament are really misappropriating the tax payers money and should stop the exercise forthwith so as to save the tax payers money.

Khalid said Kenyans are currently undergoing difficult times trying to make ends meet while politicians are busy wasting their hard earned money.

“You will find that most of these MP’s are just but enjoying themselves along the beach skipping all the days scheduled sittings while they are being paid lots of allowances” Khalid lamented

He accused the parliamentarians for wasting over one hundred million tax payer’s money on the ongoing workshop being held at a Mombasa hotel.

He argued that the same politicians who continue dividing Kenyans and further polarizing the nation with their fiery statements and public pronouncement cannot be allowed to spend such a large chunk of money.

He claimed the ongoing Parliamentarians forum in Mombasa is a misuse of public funds which would otherwise be channeled to developing the country.

“Some Kenyans in some parts of the country are facing acute starvation while MPs here are just but leisurely enjoying themselves with the poor man’s money” he added

The executive indicated that according to the estimates by the NGO the ongoing MPs conference in Mombasa will cost the Kenyan tax payer over Kshs 35 million being spent on meals and accommodation for the 6 days period.

He noted that over Kshs 12 million will be spent on MPs flights alone while daily allowances amount to over Kshs 20 million.

The human Rights Crusader feels that the current system of County governance is becoming a burden and bother to the common citizen and wants now to be scrapped off.

Khalid is now agitating for the scrapping off of 37 counties and remain only with ten counties across the country.

He wants the retention of all the former provinces but with a creation of two more new ones.

“All the former 8 provinces should remain and split the larger Rift Valley province and get Upper and Lower Rift Counties. The Eastern province should also be split into two and come up with two counties” Khalid suggested.

He said the matter has already been communicated to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and they expect it will be looked into as the commission commences its activity of reviewing the political boundaries anytime from next year.

“We have already communicated the issue to the IEBC and we expect that when time comes the matter will be looked into thoroughly” he added

He further said that they will be forced to use legal measure to ensure the matter sees the light of the day.

He said the matter of boundaries should be an all inclusive and not a reserve to the politicians.

Khalid said “We shall use the Judiciary as we are aware that for the past years it has been very vocal in championing of the rights of the people”

Khalid also wants each County to have just twelve members of parliament which will 120 and other 30 members with special interest groups making a total of 150 members.

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission review political boundaries after every ten year.

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