Rogue Tana River MCA suspended for Gross Misconduct

Garsen Central MCA Masha Dela Boru Garsen Central MCA Masha Dela Boru

By The Coast Reporter

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Former Tana River County Assembly Majority Leader Masha Dela Boru has been suspended from the assembly’s chambers for one month for grabbing the assembly’s mace.

County Assembly Speaker Michael Justin Nkaduda suspended Mr. Masha for alleged gross disorderly conduct after the Garsen Member of County Assembly (MCA) grabbed the mace and walked out with it two weeks ago.

 Mr. Nkaduda said the House Privilege Committee found the MCA guilty of violating Section 112 of the County Assembly’s Standing Orders and recommended that he be suspended for one month in accordance with section 113 or the standing orders.

The MCA grabbed the mace and disrupted the business of the assembly during debate on the composition of the County Assembly Service Board, which according to him and other members of the opposition excluded some communities.

The sergeant-at-arms had to pursue the MCA and wrestle the mace out of hands. Business continued after the mace, which is the assembly’s symbol of authority, was returned to its position.

Yesterday, Nkaduda said the member was suspended from the house after he carried the instrument of power (the mace) from the house and that even after the sergeant at arms wrestled the mace out of hand, the member was not remorseful and decided to walk away.

“The committee gave the member an opportunity to defend himself but he did not and neither did he heed the committee’s order to write an apology letter to the house for his misconduct,” Mr. Nkaduda said later during an interview in his office.

However, Mr. Boru lamented that the punishment was too severe and that it violated the standing orders.

 He said since it was his first offence in the session, he should have been suspended for only four sittings according to section 115 of the standing orders and not a whole month as ordered by the speaker.

 Section 115 of the Standing Orders states: “If any Member is suspended, the suspension on the first occasion shall be for four sitting days including the day of suspension; on the second occasion during the same session for eight sitting days, including the day of suspension; and on the third or any subsequent occasion during the same Session for 28 sitting days, including the day of suspension.

Mr. Boru accused the speaker of high-handedness and that he (speaker) was leading the house on ethnic and party grounds.

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