KNUT Split Over NASA, Jubilee Support

KNUT Chairman Mudzo Nzili KNUT Chairman Mudzo Nzili


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Kenya’s largest trade union for teachers is split right at the centre stage on whom to support in the August general elections so as to form the next government.

Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT leadership is strongly divided on whether to support NASA or Jubilee in the forth coming polls.

KNUT secretary general Wilson Sosioni’s earlier declaration that the union would fully support NASA has now been opposed.

 KNUT Chairman Mudzo Nzili has made a quick about turn barely a month after the pronouncement by the union’s secretary general.

Nzili went public declaring his full support of the ruling party Jubilee hence differing with the decision by his boss to support NASA.

Speaking in Kwale County on Monday aboard the Jubilee caravan the Chairman said KNUT is not unanimously supporting NASA.

Nzili said “ I want to say it clear here that KNUT is not unanimously in support of NASA and that’s the stand of the majority of members of the union”

The statement contradicts the earlier one made by Sosioni who rest assured the NASA brigade of the union’s total support.

A couple of weeks ago Sosioni went public declaring that KNUT would fully support NASA in the August polls.

The Jubilee caravan led by MPs Moses Kuria and Jude Njomo traversed Kwale County wooing residents to re-elect President Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term in office.

 They asked residents to vote Jubilee government back since it has a proven track record on development agenda.

Moses Kuria exuded confidence that Jubilee will win the August polls castigating NASA for lack of proper agenda for the youth except rhetoric folk tells.

“We are giving our youth more jobs but others say will bring you ‘tibim’, is tibim food? Will you give your children tibim?” Kuria posed.

Former cabinet minister Amos Kimunya who was also in the caravan said Jubilee government will absorb Kwale people.

 “If you want take honey you have to follow the bees and that is what I have seen you are doing, I thank you very much for making a decision to support Uhuru Kenyatta” he said.

Jude Njomo said Jubilee will endeavor unite the whole country by fighting ethnicity.

 Msambweni MP candidate for the Jubilee party Bashir Kilalo asked residents not to gamble with NASA saying they don’t have the people’s interest at heart only a group of individual;s who are power hungry.

Meanwhile Kenya National Union of Teachers Chairman Mudzo Nzili now has backed the re-election of Jubilee government.



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