Tana Investors Rally Behind Mungatana's Candidature

Tana River KPP gubernatorial Candidate Danson Mungatana Tana River KPP gubernatorial Candidate Danson Mungatana


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A large section of Investors in Tana River County have thrown their weight to the Kenya Patriots Party Candidate Danson Buya Mungatana who is vying for the gubernatorial seat in the County.

The investors are said to have been conducting series of consultative meetings with Mungatana’s close allies in mapping out ways of being part of his campaign trail, assured him of their total support.

 The spokesperson of the investors who sort anonymity told Journalists they have decamped to Mungatana after they realised that he is likely to form the next county government.

“It’s quite evident that this guy will carry the day and it’s for our own good if we support him now because we want to be part of his government” the Investor told journalists after a meeting with Mungatana in Hola.

He said “We have been meeting on our own though some were opposed to the idea of supporting Mungatana but thank God they have seen the light and we are now speaking the same language. We have not forced or coerced anyone one to support him but everybody decided as a person to support him after the truth emerged”

When the press asked the investors spokesman why he wouldn’t want to be mentioned he said “Time will come when we shall call a press conference where we shall assemble all the Investors in a broad day light to the public without any fear of anything and speak out our minds. For now we are still cooking so no hurry, things will be ready soon”

On his part Mungatana who looked energised after the meeting said “These guys have been looking for me for a long time its only that i have been very busy with my campaigns but i thank God today i found time to meet them”

He said, basically the meeting was all about my campaign and how they can come in as friends and assist me in one way or the other.

They have expressed their interest to work with me whom am i to turn them down, Mungatana added.

Though Mungatana was optimistic with the investors support he was reluctant to disclose the kind of support they pledged to offer.

“You see you cannot dictate to someone who has willingly offered to help on what to offer to you, that’s not being genuine at all and in fact in our community we do not allow such kind of attitude” he said furiously.

However a click of Investors mainly from the Bayuf family is said to be in support of the incumbent governor Hussein Dado while the ODM candidate major Dhado Godana relies on well wishers.

Hussein is said to have given the Bayuf who are his close allies tender to carpet the Hola town roads.

The Wipper candidate Nuh Nassir is capitalising on his personal resources accumulated when he served as the Bura legislator and Tana River county Assembly speaker.

Meanwhile Mungatana called on more businessmen to invest in Tana County saying the area is economically virgin and it lags behind due to poor investment plan.

He singled out the education sector which he said there are a handful of private schools compared to other areas terming it as an indicator of things not moving in the right direction.

“We need to see more private schools coming up if we are to compete with other areas. If you look at how the farmers are losing millions of money because there is not even a single mango factory you will get to understand what i mean when i call on investors to come in for our aid. This is the only area that has a lot of cattle with no single cattle deep leave alone a slaughter house” he said.

He appealed to the government to construct good roads that will necessitate business activities.

He said for any business to thrive it must be accessible to customers and this can only happen if the government can make good passable roads that will link up all the villages to help ferry goods to the market.

“My government will set up a revolving fund that will enable small scale business people to borrow money and boost their economic activities.

He pledged to build several slaughter houses in all the sub counties and source for international market for beef.

“We shall form cooperative societies where out of them we shall have marketing teams that will look for world wide market for our products” he added.

According to government records exportation of cattle has drastically gone down following to a number of issues.

Most herders are said not abide by the set regulations of hooding their livestock hence discouraging potential cattle exporters.


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