Arrest Begging Parents; Haki Africa Demands

Haki Africa Cheif Executive Officer Hussein Khalid Haki Africa Cheif Executive Officer Hussein Khalid

By The COAST Newspaper Reporter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A none Governmental organization in Mombasa wants security agencies to arrest all parents who have failed to take their children to school but rather turned them to beggars in the streets.

Chief Executive Officer for Haki Africa Hussein Khalid also wants local administrators including chiefs, sub chiefs and ward administrators to be dismissed from work if they fail to ensure all school going children are in class.

In a press statement released to media houses on Wednesday, Khalid said most children are left to roam in major cities within the Coast Region hence forced to engage in odd businesses.

He said such children end up being prostitutes and endangering their lives at a very tender age.

Khalid accused parents for forcing their children to beg other than taking them to schools.

“In many cases the parents do not care about the welfare of their children including their right to education where as some force them to go out in the streets and beg for money from passer’s in the evening and on weekends” Khalid added.

He said though these children fail to attend school and keep on begging the security apparatus have not taken any measures to curb the same.

He strongly took issue with both the County and National government for not protecting the young children from exploitation by their parents and others who took advantage of their destitution.

The CEO said ‘Haki Africa is demanding all children below the age of 18 be in schools without fail”

He added that the rights of the children must take precedence over all other rights.

“Any parent, whose child is found begging or who is begging with a child at any time anywhere any day including weekends, should be arrested immediately” Khalid directed.

According to a report released by the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) some few years ago showed young children at the Coast engage in child prostitution and pornography.

Places like Mtwapa, Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Voi and Diani were highlighted as red zones.

The report also revealed that most school going children roam aimlessly around the streets while their parents are fully aware of this illicit behavior.

It also indicated that for those who are aware even send them to beg in the streets as the thirst for money is relatively high hence leading to prostitution and other vices in the community.

Efforts to get any comment from both the County and National government were fruitless.


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