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The government has once again urged youth who joined terror groups to willingly surrender and stay safe before the law catches up on them.

Speaking at a forum for countering violence extremism representatives at a Mombasa Hotel on Friday, Mombasa Commissioner Evans Achoki said terrorism has become a global threat and called on the need for Kenyans to stem it out.

Achoki noted that the role of the government is to ensure that her citizens are safe to ensure that their daily activities are not interfered with.

“Terrorism has become a universal threat. As government we are determined to fight the vice.” He insisted

The county security boss however called on Religious leaders and other stake holders to cooperate with the government in its bid to root out terror acts amongst youngsters.

He indicated that through concerted efforts the government is willing to partner with all the stakeholders including county government officials and the civil society organizations in ensuring that the youths do not engage in violent extremism.

“The government will continue protecting, preventing, pursuing and prosecuting all criminals. We appeal all the stakeholders to focus on the young and provide wise counsel to them.” He said

He urged the various stakeholders to focus on the young, provide the relevant education and offer wise counsel to them in order to bring up an informed and able society.

Achoki pledged to continue working with all the stakeholders in countering violent extremism within the county.

He however pinpointed that the police force will be professional in their patrols while dealing with criminals.

“We shall continue working with all the stakeholders in all circles.” The state officer said

He noted that the police department will continue working within the confines of the law while on duty.

Achoki highlighted that the government has already conducted public barazas in all the sub counties in a bid to educate the public on the need to stem any violent terrorist activity within the county.

“The police force will work within the confines of the law.” Achoki noted

At the same time Aimee Ongeso, public international law and policy group programs manager said the Kenyan government is committed to fighting violent extremism throughout the country.

The international human rights crusader noted that as a human rights defender she is concerned with how the government works within the confines of the law.

“The Kenyan government is committed to fighting terrorism throughout the country.” She pointed out

She indicated that dialogue is crucial in ensuring that people do not engage in violent extremist actions.

Aimee noted with concern that in order for Kenyans to thrive socially politically and economically the rule of law must be upheld.

“Dialogue is key in ensuring that that people do not engage in crime.’ She noted

She said Kenya has the best legal framework throughout the world that guarantees an equal opportunity for every single Kenyan.

Meanwhile HAKI Africa executive director Hussein Khalid recommended for a formulation of a better legal framework in the country that will safely accommodate all the returnees.

“Lack of a proper legal frame work makes it difficult for the government to deal with returnees.” He noted

He stated that lack of an appropriate policy in the country makes it difficult for the government to deal with returnees from terror groups.


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High Court in Mombasa has upheld the election of former Journalist Mohammed Ali as Nyali Member of Parliament.

In her ruling made on Friday High Court Judge Lady Lydia Achode said the petitioner Daniel Omondi failed to provide evidence to prove his case against the legislator, IEBC and officials.

Judge Achode said the petitioner also failed to prove that the security officials influenced the counting of votes at the polling station.

"The petitioner should have produced evidence to show that Ali offered bribes , it's not clear if really bribing took occurred” said Achode.

The ruling further disclosed that Omondi failed to prove the color scheme he used during his campaign which resembled that of the Wiper Party while Ali and Wiper used blue.

"From the evidence on the allegations that the first respondent gave out bribes in Nyali constituency with an intension to influence voters has not been established, not at all and this ground must be filled on the display of the candidate campaign materials the petitioner complained that they were public display of the first respondent posters at Elimu polling station," said Achode.

Ali Mohammed was an independent candidate who defeated Saidi Abdalla popularly known as Saido on ODM ticket leading with 26,788 votes against 16,473 votes.

However the police were forced to use tie gas in order to separate the Saidi Abdalla supporters who wanted to attack Ali outside the Mombasa court after the Achode ruling.

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The institute of Human resource management through its national chairman has called on the government to improve performance in the public sector.

Speaking to journalist in Mombasa on Wednesday during an official launch of HR leaders’ boot camp Elijah Sitima the national chairperson of the Institute said the government has enacted human resource development policies that aims at improving public performance.

He said of late the government has the best HR ever and therefore Kenyan citizens expect the best of their performance.

“There is HR development policies set out by the government whose aim is to improve performance in the public sector. He said

The national official however indicated that there is still an opportunity for the public sector to improve on the performance of its workers.

The official noted that both the public and the private sector jointly share the HR practices for the outright benefit of Kenyans.

“There is an opportunity to improve on the performance of its workers (government).” He noted  

He insisted that stakeholders in both the private and public sector aim at offering relevant skills and training that ensures high and quality performance in their organizations.

“Both the sectors private and public aim at offering relevant skills and competencies for quality performance.” He stated

At the same time Kris Senanu Managing Director Enterprise Telkom Kenya said it is the role of organizations to hire the personnel with the relevant technical experience to run its affairs.

“Organizations should get technically experienced personnel to run its affairs.” He said

He noted that tertiary institutions play a significant role throughout the country by providing actual professional HR personnel.

The official pin pointed that every employer requires skilled manpower that will positively drive the organization to higher levels of performance.

“Tertiary institutions play a leading role in ensuring that professional personnel are recruited.” He explained

The Human resource boot camp dubbed from HR to CEO brought together nearly 200 participants from both the public and private sector.

By The COAST Reporter

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Governor Granton Samboja has condemned in the strongest terms possible, the move by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to move elephants from Solio and Sangare ranches in Laikipia County to Tsavo East National Park.

Speaking on Thursday, Governor Samboja called on the Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala to halt the process and return the Jumbos to Mt. Kenya saying the community will not allow the translocation.

"Residents of Taita Taveta have for a long time decried the destruction of property and loss of life to no avail. Although residents have reported the matter to the KWS no one has been compensated for their loss and the residents hardly benefit from having the National Park which occupies approximately 63% of our land. For this particular reason we the people of Taita Taveta demand that the ministry reverts this process," said Governor Samboja.

The CIDP in 2 public barazas residents of Sagalla and Marungu said the marauding Jumbos have constantly destroyed their crops thereby exposing them to perennial hunger.

"We are living in fear of our lives and starvation as the elephants constantly attack us and destroy our crops leaving us grappling with hunger and poverty. Our children have no food to eat and learning has been disrupted as they have to leave for school late and come home early. We have been forced to stay awake to chase away the elephants as KWS hardly comes to our rescue," said Mama Maghanga a resident of Marungu.

They are calling on the national government to errect an electric fence so as to keep the elephants in the park.

Speaking on Wednesday when he flagged off the translocation exercise of 21 elephants which is expected to cost Sh4.5 million, CS Najib Balala said the relocation was meant to reduce incidents of human-wildlife conflict in Mt. Kenya region.

“This is the best way to address the issue that has emerged here. Given the size of Tsavo, we don't expect that the animals will interfere with human settlement there. Tsavo can host 30,000 elephants but now has only 12,000,” said Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

Given that Taita Taveta County suffers from increased human wildlife conflict, the residents fear that an influx of elephants in the park is directly proportional to a death sentence.

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Chaos erupted on Tuesday at disability facility in Mombasa County after the school management differed with a foreign sponsor on a cow milk project.

The school student’s parents and teachers were forced to stop a foreign sponsor from taking away two dairy cows she had provided to school on sponsorship basis.

Learning was partially interrupted as the school turned down efforts by the sponsor to get away with the two dairy cows.

The school board of management accused the sponsor for claims of having not met the operational objectives.

Addressing Journalists in Mombasa on Tuesday, Pwani School for the mentally handicapped Principal Rophus Mwamburi said the sponsor was allowed to operate as a learning Centre for three disability facilities including Pwani School for the Mentally  handicapped, Mnazi Mmoja and Victoria Baptist.

He added that the projects failed its objective of producing meat and eggs for the children as outlined in the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties.

“It was allowed to operate as a learning centre for three schools the two parties were to share the costs that were to be incurred during the lifespan of the project” Said the Principal

He said as per the memoranda it was agreed that the sponsors were to incur the costs of water, electricity and look into the welfare of the workers.

“Both of us were to share the cost and had agreed in one accord that the school would pay for the cost of rent, provide a rearing ground for the dairy cow and the chicken and provide security” he added

The principal also claimed that the sponsor failed to pay for the electricity bills as stated in the MoU.

He said the water and electricity bills have not been paid since 2015.

The official however highlighted that both the two parties have been co existing peacefully and further denied claims of being at loggerheads.

Rophus said the school has been paying for the electricity and water bills.

“The water and electricity bills have not been paid since 2015.” The school boss said

Meanwhile, Anna Seboru one of the Mombasa Relief Initiative MRI indicated that she has been receiving vacation notifications from the school board of management on claims of not meeting its objectives.

She said one of the buildings constructed by MRI at a cost of kshs 930,000 while the other building cost a half the first building.

“I have been receiving vacation alerts from I think the board of management of the school in a form of email” Anna said

She stated that she has ever since had a passionate relationship with the entire school including the needy pupils.

Anna pointed out that she has been assisting the needy children on monthly basis until she terminated the program in January 2018.

“Personally, I have had a passionate relationship with the school and the pupils. I have been assisting the kids ever since.” She explained

Mombasa Relief Initiative, the sponsoring organization is alleged to have donated to the school a dairy cow and some chicken rearing project to provide meat and eggs to the pupils.

Pwani School for the Mentally Handicapped is one of the pioneer disability facilities in Mombasa County which became operational in the late 1990’s.

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Tana River Governor Major (rtd) Dhadho Gaddae Godhana fired all chief officers who served in the previous administration without giving substantive reasons.

Governor Godhana has however recalled five of them on interim basis to help manage transition to the new government.

 He said the chief officers would serve temporarily till the local county assembly completes the process of clearing new ones.

“I have recalled a few former chief officers to serve temporarily for transition as we wait for the process of clearing the newly nominated by the county assembly,” he said in a brief statement

He added that it was an effort to ensure the county moves forward without any further delays.

Though the Governor did not reveal the names of the chief officers he retained, reliable sources have revealed that the chief officers had received letters extending their terms of offices in acting capacity.

The COAST News desk in Hola has managed to get a copy of the letters sent to the recalled chief officers; the governor said he was in exercise of provisions of section 31 (d) of the County Government Act to extend the terms with effect from September 1, 2017.

According to the letters dated September 14, the chief officers’ will in addition to their previous dockets be in charge of more than three other in acting capacities.

“This extension of employment shall commence on the 1st of September 2017 or on expiry of your original contract of employment whichever comes first; and shall continue on the same terms until the new chief officers are sworn into office or unless otherwise terminated by the governor,” one of the letters statd.

Incidentally, the letters were written on the day the county assembly approved the names of seven county executive committee members and immediately sworn into office.

The County Public Service Board completed interviews for the 14 chief officers’ positions and Governor Godhana is set to present the names of successful candidates to the county assembly for approval.

179 persons were shortlisted for the interviews that commenced from November 20 to December 2, 2017.

By The COAST Team

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Malindi high Court on Wednesday threw out a petition by Kadu Asili gubernatorial Candidate Samuel Kazungu Kambi challenging the victory of Governor Amason Jefa Kingi of Orange Democratic Movement party.

High court Judge Weldon Korir said the petition against Governor Kingi did not require any supported evidence as were already detective and also did not have convincing details.

Judge Korir also ordered Kambi to foot the expenses incurred by all parties diring the time of petition.

"I order Mr.Kambi to pay Sh.2.2 Million to the County Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC Returning Officer Nelly Illongo and Sh.1.8 Million to Governor Kingi," Judge Korir stated.

Addressing Journalists outside the court, Deputy Governor Gedion Saburi claimed the ruling was long overdue and it was causing jitters amongst ODM supporters across the county.

Mr.Saburi however offered an olive branch to their opponents to join hands and implement the promises they made during campaigns.

"I urge people to focus on developments and keep off from being misused by unfocused politicians to fight their opponents," he said adding that, time for politics was over.

Kingi supporters led by Juma Mwaringa said Kingi should be given time to finish what he already started five years ago noting that, politics should never divide Kenyans but people should remain united and support their leaders to deliver projects right from the grassroots.

Meanwhile a Mombasa law court on Tuesday discovered during scrutiny of a petition by former Likoni member of parliament Masoud Mwahima  against Mishi Mboko ten polling stations form 34A had no serial numbers and in some stations four out of the ten ballots were submerged into water so no scrutiny went on.

Mwahima through his lawyer David Mongare informed high court judge Erick Ogolla that, during the scrutiny exercise the ballot papers differed in the serial numbers.

David Mongare cited that two ballot boxes were used instead of one meaning that the other ballot box was foreign.

“out of the 48 counter foils only one ballot paper was attached and not sure who the votes were associated to and they should not be considered” said Mongare.

He said other stations had a couple of irregularities after the number of people identified did not tally with the number of votes casted.  

Mishi Mboko the defendant through lawyer Paul Buti said the eight witnesses and the petitioner did not give enough evidence to the court to justify if what they said was true. 

"The Judge should dismiss the petition with costs, "said Paul Buti

 Judgment will be on the 2nd of March. 

By The COAST Team

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Tana River Governor Major (Rt) Dhadho Godhana had his County Executive Committee members sworn in at night under unclear circumstances.

Godhana presided hurriedly over the swearing in held on Wednesday 10.30 p.m in Hola the capital town of the County.

He didnot disclose what led to the hurried swearing in but sources confide to The COAST Newspaper have revealed that a section of the Tana River residents were not happy with the nominees for the jobs.

It also emerged that the group wanted to file an injunction in court to block the swearing in exercise which would render governor Godhana in an awkward situation.

Those who were against the swearing in to go on as planned claimed that the list of Nominees was not gender balanced for it had only two women thus did not meet the required threshold.

“There is no anyone who is physically challenged in that group leave alone that the list is gender insensitive. That’s why we wanted to go to court and block the whole exercise” Said the source who pleaded for anonymity.

The swearing in now brings to an end the long wait for governor Godhana who has been operating without CeC’s for the last five months since he ascended to power.

Among those who were sworn in at night were Mwanajuma Habwoka Mabuke (Health, Sanitation and Medical Services), Abass Kunyo Guyo (Education, Youth, Sports, Gender and Social Services), and Khadija Harufa Algi (Public Service Management, Administration and ICT).

Stephen Wachira Kariuki was sworn in as CeC for (Roads, Public Works, Housing and Urbanization), Yahya Ali Barrow (Trade, Cooperative Development, Tourism and Industrialization) while Javan Bonaya will head the (Lands, Physical Planning, Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Veterinary Services) docket. 

 Among those sworn in the following day but very early in the morning so as to beat fears of being served with a court order was the CEC member for Finance and Planning, Mr. Matthew Babwoya Buya, for he was not immediately available when his colleagues took their oaths.     

The swearing in exercise was conducted shortly after the local County Assembly approved the names of the seven nominees and rejected one on the grounds that he had poor academic background. 

The oath was administered by the Garsen Principal Magistrate James Macharia at the county government offices at about 10.30 pm, attended by county government officials and members of the public.

Speaking after the exercise, the Governor, Major (rtd) Godhana, warned the CeC’s to serve the county’s residents with dedication and zeal or failure to meet the people’s expectation would be relieved of their duties before the end of the term.

“Do not think that being sworn in is a licence for you to do what you want till 2022. Even I as governor could be impeached if my work is below par. If you work below our expectations, expect the axe to fall on you,” he warned.

He said the county was currently grappling with a cholera outbreak as well as a biting drought that was threatening the lives of residents and called on officers to rededicate themselves to provide quality and prompt services.

“This county has numerous challenges such as food insecurity, education, insecurity, lack of water and poor development and it needs a team of dedicated and selfless individuals to turn things around,” he said.  

It was not immediately clear why the ‘county ministers’ had to be sworn in at night, but it is believed that the county government officials feared somebody could seek a court injunction to stop the exercise and thus make the county run without an executive committee.

Human rights activists and the civil society have complained that the appointments did not meet the two-thirds gender rule and that persons with disabilities had not been included in the executive committee.

By The COAST Team

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Social Researchers from Mombasa County have urged the county government to fully implement the water Act 2016 to address water challenges in the country.

Speaking in Mombasa on Saturday during a Media workshop, Jeremiah Kiwoi a community researcher said the constitution grants Kenyans to have an access to affordable safe and clean water.

He noted that all the water resources throughout the country belong to the public insisting that the resources need to satisfy the needs of the contemporary societies as enshrined in the constitution.

“As per the water act 2016, the constitution grants all Kenyans an access to affordable safe and clean water and it should be so to all Kenyans.” he said

The social researcher added that journalists play a crucial role in enlightening the masses on contentious issues affecting the society and should play a centre stage in doing so.

He called on county governments to empower communities by giving them the powers to manage their own affairs as enshrined in the constitution in order for devolution to work out well.

Kiwoi further called on the government to secure all water sources within the country to avoid any acts hooliganism as well as terrorism through the wwater points.

“If one person wakes up in the morning and decides to poison all water sources all of us will day because there is no one to stop him from doing it. Our water sources are left bare to anyone to walk into” Said Kiwoi.

He insisted that the devolution of the water sector by the national government gives an opportunity to Kenyans to develop and create domestic by laws that will address water shortages in their respective county governments.

Kiwoi called on county government to engage the public in contentious issues affecting the contemporary society in order to create a public trust.

Several schools within Mombasa County are said to have no clean water as enshrined in the law.

A a case at hand is Mreroni Primary school in Jomvu sub county, toilets are said to be in a pathetic situation due to the scarcity of water.

Babu Mbaruk a teacher at the school told Journalists that pupils are forced to carry water cans to school in order to supplement the water shortage experienced over there.

“The school is in a big mess, we have the best toilet facilities but we cannot utilize them due to lack of water.” he said

He feared for the lives of the locals as they are forced to use same water point with livestock.

“We depend on water from a dam that is mostly used by both the residents and animals.” he noted

By The COAST Team

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The Government will conduct a fresh exercise of vetting village elders, Nyumba Kumi leaders popularly known as Mabalozi so as to weed out all corrupt individuals amidst them.

Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki said there is an outcry from the public that some village elders have turned to be associates of criminal gangs and they cannot continue to serve the public in any capacity.

Addressing a public rally on Friday at Mishomoroni in Kisauni Constituency, the Commissioner said the exercise will begin as from next month.

“How come a Nyumba kumi leader who is only in charge of ten households fails to know what goes around just within those households” Achoki said

He added that the government will not sit back and watch at some few individuals compromising on the security of the public.

“We shall deal with all criminal gangs ruthlessly and be informed that we shall not spare anyone be it your child or any of your relatives” the agitated County Commissioner stressed.

He called on the public to voluntarily avail information pertaining any criminal gang to the police for appropriate measures to be taken against.

The public had earlier complained that there has been an increase of insecurity cases with women being mugged and robbed of their belongings as they head to their places of work in the morning.

Meanwhile Kisauni Constituency Development fund offered to build a police station within Mishomoroni at a cost of ksh 20 Million.

Kisauni area MP Ali Menza Mbogo said he will set aside the funds in this financial year so as to have the project commence as from May 2018.

He said the move will help to curb insecurity in the area as it has become a criminal den.

“We are getting poor every morning because we only depend on house rent but every tenant is now vacating these houses due to the escalating insecurity witnessed in the area” Mbogo lamented.

Mbogo who had accompanied the Commissioner, said the issue of insecurity in the area has become a burden to the people living in Kisauni and its environs especially business operators who are encountering losses for they are forced to close their businesses in fear of being robbed by groups of gangs even at day time.

He added that he would work hand in hand with all the stakeholders in order to beef up security in the area.

He however called on parents to instill discipline to their children not to engage in criminal activities.

"I want to ask all parents and all of us who are here today if you know anyone who is an enemy of security or drug dealer in this region to cooperate by coming out openly and report such individuals to the police” said Mbogo.

Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki was delighted with Mbogo’s offer and he accepted to avail security officers once the project is complete.

"I fully support Mr Mbogo's idea and I want to promise here that the government will avail the required number of police officers once the project is ready for use” Achoki said.

However Achoki took issue with the locals for not informing the police on those who engage in crime while they know them very well.

"Three days ago l received a call that one of our own Mzee was attacked by unknown group of people and was seriously injured. As we speak he is admitted at Johcham Hospital and earlier today an old woman was attacked but she is getting on well. l want to warn those who are doing those involved the police is doing its duty and anyone who will be caught will have to face the law with no regard of your political or financial status” said Achoki.

The County Commissioner also warned those who are involved in drugs to willingly surrender to the police or the law will take its course.

Mjambare ward Representative MCA Fahad Kassim who was also present at the function vehemently condemned a section of bankrollers whom he accused of engaging in drug trafficking.

Fahad said he he was aware of all those who are involved in the business and he was willing to share the same with police to have the arrested.

"Kisauni is famously known for drugs but we cannot continue living in such a situation. We shall forward all the names of those who sell drugs in our area and I don’t care who is involved.. I will forward all the names” The first time MCA said amid cheers from the public.

The locals had petitioned the security agencies for not providing security in the area despite being well equiped for the job.

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