By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

Speaker of the Tana River County Assembly, Dr. Nuh Nassir Abdi, has alleged that there is a plot to de-register voters in the county on the pretext that they are dead voters.

Dr. Abdi, who is vying for the Tana River gubernatorial seat, claimed some unnamed people were moving across the county, writing the names and national identity numbers of voters with the aim of having them de-registered.

“There are people moving around and giving people Sh2,000 each before asking them to provide them with their names and ID numbers” he claimed during a campaign rally at Bayusuf Grounds in Hola Town early this week.

He claimed that after taking the details, the fraudsters were planning to take the names to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to have the voters de-registered on allegations that they are dead voters.

“I caution you not to, under any circumstances, provide anybody with your name and ID number because they are planning to take them to the IEBC to have you removed from the register because you died of cholera last year,” he said.

 He said he would join hands with other candidates from the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) to ensure that voters in the area are not denied their constitutional rights to vote on August 8.

He also urged the IEBC to remove from the register voters confirmed to have died and not at the behest of any political party.

 His sentiment were echoed by Wiper senatorial candidate Molu Galgalo Shambaro, and the party’s candidate for the position of woman representative, Ms Saddia Hussein Sango, who urged the party’s supporters to guard their votes to ensure they elect leaders of their choice.

“There are some people who during their term in office have stolen your resources but now they are coming to you with relief food,” Mr. Shambaro said. “Reject such people because they are not genuine”

The allegations were dismissed several political contenders from that area as well as IEBC officials who sort anonymity.

Meanwhile former Garsen member of parliament Danson Mungatana pledged to revive the small scale irrigation schemes built by Red cross.

He said several families in Tana River are currently languishing in poverty after the scheme collapsed.

Speaking in Baoma village in Tana River Mungatana challenged the locals to take early advantage of the upcoming Lamu port by putting up viable businesses.

‘The president said the other day that Lamu port will commence its operations as from next year, i want you my people to strategize yourselves to reap from the port business” Mungatana said



By Mwakera Mwajefa

The Kilifi gubernatorial race has hit fever pitch with the five contestants criss-crossing that vast county in search of votes as the former labour cabinet secretary Samuel Kambi raiding Governor Amason Kingi’s Magarini backyard for two consecutive days.

 The flamboyant Kadu-Asili party leader rummaged Kingi’s rural home to get support from the 68,453 registered voters for the August 8 polls.

With 508,068 votes at stake in the entire county, Mr Kambi is being touted by political pundits as the greatest threat to the incumbent recapturing his seat that he won with 94,868 votes.

 At the time Governor Kingi faced nine opponents but this time round he is facing a duo of formidable competitors in the name of Mr Kambi and Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro for the position while others are Benjamin Mumba (ANC) and James Mangi (independent).

According to analysts the amount of ‘cobwebs’ within his governorship cupboards in the past four years it would be a ‘surprise’ if the Kilifi voters give him another five year term.

“The governor is desperate and was it not for the massive support he garnered in Kaloleni and Rabai he wouldn’t have won the gubernatorial seat in the previous polls,” Phillip Mbaji a communication expert said.

“With all the political propaganda aside, this man cannot account for the Sh29,019,713,397 disbursed to the county since 2013,” he says.

 Queries over the financial operations of County Government and County Assembly for the period of 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015 indicate audit findings that are yet to be explained to the people of Kilifi.

 For instance, the statement of receipts and payments for the year ended June 2015 of the County Government reflects an amount of Sh7,322,352,126 as the total payments while the ledgers availed for audit review indicated an amount of Sh7,598,281,107.70 resulting to unexplained nor reconciled variance of Sh275,928,981.70 Mbaji added

 He said eyebrows even go higher when one reads from the Audit Report that statements of receipts and payments reflect an amount of Sh2,016,107,199 in respect of compensation of employees for the year under review but records availed indicate gross earnings paid to employees amounting to Sh1,887,605,755 resulting to unexplained or reconciled variance of Sh128,502,444.

 Addressing tens of hundreds of residents at Adu Trading Centre early this week, Mr Kambi, accompanied by Magarini parliamentary hopeful Franco Esposito popularly known as “Kasoso wa Baya’ (Kadu-Asili) expressed ‘shock and disbelief’ on the underdevelopment of his rival’s home turf.

 "That Adu is this underdeveloped despite being home of the governor is a clear testimony that Kingi is not fit to lead this county for another five years because he is of no good to Kilifi people as a whole. Charity begins at home, but he has failed terribly" he said.

The former CS claimed both ODM's incumbent governor Kingi and Jubilee's Gideon Mung'aro have no capacity to deliver services and goods to the residents of Kilifi as they are ‘remote’ controlled by their political masters who are currently sponsoring them in the campaigns.

"Kilifi problems require a homemade solutions and it is only us in Kadu Asili who know how best to resolve them. Kingi is Joho's puppet and Mung'aro is no better either am the only one you can trust," said Kambi during a stopover at Marafa trading centre.

However Kingi is said not to be shaken by Kambi’s invasion in his backyard as he was reported to maintain his bussy schedule of meeting school heads and their deputies in Rabai, Kaloleni and Malindi where he specifically attacked Kambi saying he had failed as an MP and cabinet secretary.

"It is laughable for Kazungu Kambi who failed as Kaloleni MP and Labour CS to say he wants to be Kilifi governor. If he could not manage one constituency how then will he manage the county which has seven constituencies?" he posed. 


Jomvu Member of Parliament hopeful Mathias Shipeta on Thursday unveiled his manifesto as he challenged his close opponent Badi Twalib to stop panicking and instead prepare for a defeat come August general elections.

Shipeta who has remained a major threat to Badi' reelection bid is vying for the seat on a Wiper Party ticket.

The Wiper candidate's popularity in Jomvu constituency is claimed to have forced the incumbent MP who was one time the party National Organizing Secretary to defect to ODM  in fear of defeat during recent party nominations.

The youngest politician in Mombasa is  however promising Jomvu residents a new style of leadership which he says  will see the constituency grow faster in terms of development and services delivery once he is elected in August.

Addressing over 300 participants during the launch of his manifesto at Mikindani, Shipeta appealed to the electorates to give him a change on 8th August general elections, saying his leadership will ensure the area gets good roads, quality health and sanitation services.

The 29 year old politician also blamed poor infrastructure, health and sanitation and lack of jobs among youth in the constituency on what he claimed to be poor leadership and bad governance 

"You have all seen many problems we are facing in Jomvu constituency as if we don't have a leader. We have to elect the right leaders that can help in tackling the messes particularly the issue of land where many still lack title deeds"  Mr Shipeta said.

Shipeta also warned his opponents and Badi in particular against using youths to cause chaos during campaigns.

"This man has been using our youths to cause chaos thinking through that he can win by disrupting my campaigns. Let him know that we are watching him closely and he must stop this nonsense" he warned.

Shipeta will be facing several contestants for the parliamentary seat in the August elections including Badi who is defending his seat on ODM ticket.

Other candidates include Karisa Nzai of Jubilee Party. Dan Aloo who is vying as an independent candidate after losing ODM to Badi Twalib during the parties nomination.

The manifesto launch was attended also by Ms Linda Shuma who is the Runing mate for Wiper Party candidate for Mombasa gubernatorial seat Hassan Omar Sarai,   Wiper Party Women Rep candidate Mrs  Zamzam Mohamed and the party Senator candidate Mr. Kisilu among others. 


The Coast Newspaper Reporter

Kenya’s largest trade union for teachers is split right at the centre stage on whom to support in the August general elections so as to form the next government.

Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT leadership is strongly divided on whether to support NASA or Jubilee in the forth coming polls.

KNUT secretary general Wilson Sosioni’s earlier declaration that the union would fully support NASA has now been opposed.

 KNUT Chairman Mudzo Nzili has made a quick about turn barely a month after the pronouncement by the union’s secretary general.

Nzili went public declaring his full support of the ruling party Jubilee hence differing with the decision by his boss to support NASA.

Speaking in Kwale County on Monday aboard the Jubilee caravan the Chairman said KNUT is not unanimously supporting NASA.

Nzili said “ I want to say it clear here that KNUT is not unanimously in support of NASA and that’s the stand of the majority of members of the union”

The statement contradicts the earlier one made by Sosioni who rest assured the NASA brigade of the union’s total support.

A couple of weeks ago Sosioni went public declaring that KNUT would fully support NASA in the August polls.

The Jubilee caravan led by MPs Moses Kuria and Jude Njomo traversed Kwale County wooing residents to re-elect President Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term in office.

 They asked residents to vote Jubilee government back since it has a proven track record on development agenda.

Moses Kuria exuded confidence that Jubilee will win the August polls castigating NASA for lack of proper agenda for the youth except rhetoric folk tells.

“We are giving our youth more jobs but others say will bring you ‘tibim’, is tibim food? Will you give your children tibim?” Kuria posed.

Former cabinet minister Amos Kimunya who was also in the caravan said Jubilee government will absorb Kwale people.

 “If you want take honey you have to follow the bees and that is what I have seen you are doing, I thank you very much for making a decision to support Uhuru Kenyatta” he said.

Jude Njomo said Jubilee will endeavor unite the whole country by fighting ethnicity.

 Msambweni MP candidate for the Jubilee party Bashir Kilalo asked residents not to gamble with NASA saying they don’t have the people’s interest at heart only a group of individual;s who are power hungry.

Meanwhile Kenya National Union of Teachers Chairman Mudzo Nzili now has backed the re-election of Jubilee government.




The Coast Newspaper Reporter

Jubilee party has received a massive support after youth from across the six counties in the Coast Region - Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Tana River, Lamu and Taita Taveta pronounced their total support to the ruling party.

The group calling itself ‘Vijana Pwani na Uhuru’ has vowed to drum up support for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The founder and chairman Mr Jeff Bwana says the group that has a membership of 3,000 people seeks to break down barriers resulting from decades of negative political propaganda and mis-information.

He says Vijana Pwani Na Uhuru seeks to dismantle negative ethnicity that has been the hallmark of opposition politics in Coast region, through the use of their vast and immense innovation power, talents, skill to influence the region.

“It is a team of progressive thinking youth working as President Uhuru’s campaign foot soldiers and is designed to uncover the potential of youths as unbound and new drivers of an ethnicity free society.” he said.

Mr Bwana said that besides campaigning for President Kenyatta, the group will also advocate against tribalism and violence especially during this election period.

“This group is alive to and part of the journey of courage taken by the President to dismantle generational tribalism. It’s about hope, resilience, self-discovery and re-awakening by the youths from Coast region taking a common and shared understanding,” he noted.

He said that it is time youths rose up against ethnicity and act on it as it is the generation that bear the greatest social, economic and political cost burden of ‘generation tribalism’.

“Therefore, we should stand up and ensure we do not pass on this burden to the next generation,” he said.

Vijana Pwani Na Uhuru, he noted was alive to the fact that negative ethnicity and propaganda is a real threat and a constant constraint facing the youths as the election nears.

“The youths have the power to change these choices at any time in order to achieve more satisfactory results through supporting the President’s re-election campaign, Mr Bwana said. 

Youths, he noted view themselves as ‘The living brands of Kenya and are looking for leaders who will inspire them, motivate and create space through which they can express their individual brands to create a national super brand- Kenya.




The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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A large section of Investors in Tana River County have thrown their weight to the Kenya Patriots Party Candidate Danson Buya Mungatana who is vying for the gubernatorial seat in the County.

The investors are said to have been conducting series of consultative meetings with Mungatana’s close allies in mapping out ways of being part of his campaign trail, assured him of their total support.

 The spokesperson of the investors who sort anonymity told Journalists they have decamped to Mungatana after they realised that he is likely to form the next county government.

“It’s quite evident that this guy will carry the day and it’s for our own good if we support him now because we want to be part of his government” the Investor told journalists after a meeting with Mungatana in Hola.

He said “We have been meeting on our own though some were opposed to the idea of supporting Mungatana but thank God they have seen the light and we are now speaking the same language. We have not forced or coerced anyone one to support him but everybody decided as a person to support him after the truth emerged”

When the press asked the investors spokesman why he wouldn’t want to be mentioned he said “Time will come when we shall call a press conference where we shall assemble all the Investors in a broad day light to the public without any fear of anything and speak out our minds. For now we are still cooking so no hurry, things will be ready soon”

On his part Mungatana who looked energised after the meeting said “These guys have been looking for me for a long time its only that i have been very busy with my campaigns but i thank God today i found time to meet them”

He said, basically the meeting was all about my campaign and how they can come in as friends and assist me in one way or the other.

They have expressed their interest to work with me whom am i to turn them down, Mungatana added.

Though Mungatana was optimistic with the investors support he was reluctant to disclose the kind of support they pledged to offer.

“You see you cannot dictate to someone who has willingly offered to help on what to offer to you, that’s not being genuine at all and in fact in our community we do not allow such kind of attitude” he said furiously.

However a click of Investors mainly from the Bayuf family is said to be in support of the incumbent governor Hussein Dado while the ODM candidate major Dhado Godana relies on well wishers.

Hussein is said to have given the Bayuf who are his close allies tender to carpet the Hola town roads.

The Wipper candidate Nuh Nassir is capitalising on his personal resources accumulated when he served as the Bura legislator and Tana River county Assembly speaker.

Meanwhile Mungatana called on more businessmen to invest in Tana County saying the area is economically virgin and it lags behind due to poor investment plan.

He singled out the education sector which he said there are a handful of private schools compared to other areas terming it as an indicator of things not moving in the right direction.

“We need to see more private schools coming up if we are to compete with other areas. If you look at how the farmers are losing millions of money because there is not even a single mango factory you will get to understand what i mean when i call on investors to come in for our aid. This is the only area that has a lot of cattle with no single cattle deep leave alone a slaughter house” he said.

He appealed to the government to construct good roads that will necessitate business activities.

He said for any business to thrive it must be accessible to customers and this can only happen if the government can make good passable roads that will link up all the villages to help ferry goods to the market.

“My government will set up a revolving fund that will enable small scale business people to borrow money and boost their economic activities.

He pledged to build several slaughter houses in all the sub counties and source for international market for beef.

“We shall form cooperative societies where out of them we shall have marketing teams that will look for world wide market for our products” he added.

According to government records exportation of cattle has drastically gone down following to a number of issues.

Most herders are said not abide by the set regulations of hooding their livestock hence discouraging potential cattle exporters.



The Coast Newspaper Reporter

With just one month to the general elections, the campaigns for the Taita-Taveta governorship are gathering steam with at least 8 candidates bracing themselves for a bruising battle in search of the influential and enviable position.

It is a show of might between the top contenders, with branded vehicles, huge billboards, banners and thousands of posters doting the county towns and villages, in a race that might be one of the most hotly contested.

The three top contenders for the gubernatorial seat Jubilee’s Dan Mwazo, ODM’s Thomas Mwadeghu and independent candidate John Mruttu have a tough task in wooing the Taveta voters, who demonstrated during the party primaries that they will back one of their own as far as the three county seats of governor, women rep and senator are concerned.

As the d day approaches nearly all the MCAs allied to ODM in the just concluded county assembly have stood to their guns in support of the re-election of the incumbent governor John Mruttu pitting the ODM gubernatorial candidate Thomas Mwandeghu.

With the fresh realignments the hard question remains over whether the Taveta will still back Mruttu who is defending his seat as an independent candidate, or if they will split their votes between Mwadeghu and Mwazo who have picked running mates from Taveta.

Jubilee’s Dan Mwazo picked little-known Stanley Masamo Mruttu, a nephew to governor John Mruttu, as his running mate, while Mwadeghu settled for the soft- spoken and unassuming Richard Tairo to deputize him.

There is a general feeling that Mwadeghu’s choice of Tairo as his running mate could lessen the bad blood that developed between the Taita and the Taveta after the shambolic ODM primaries that saw Mruttu, a Mtaveta, lose to Mwadeghu, a Mtaita.

In the final analysis though, the Taveta could still bank their hopes for a deputy governor from Mwazo and Mwadeghu, if Mruttu was to lose in the August polls.

At the same time former Central Bank of Kenya deputy governor Jacintah Mwatela is taking a second stab at the Taita-Taveta gubernatorial post, having lost to incumbent John Mruttu in 2013.

Despite challenging the elections outcome in court, Mwatela however lost and the victory taken by Mruttu.

Mwatela picked Alfred Mwangoma Shereta, (who originally hails from Shigharo village in Wundanyi but has settled in Taveta) as her running mate.

In a similar move meant to sway the Taveta vote, independent candidate Erastus Katani picked Benedict Mutua Nzioka, a Kamba from Taveta, as his running mate.

However, other governorship candidates Granton Samboja, Emmanuel Kisombe and Dr Constantine Mwadime have cast their nets wider in search for their deputies.

Samboja settled for Majala Mlaghui who hails from Chawia village in Mwatate.Former immigration PS Kisombe picked Richard Mwangeka, a youth from Mwatate, while Dr Mwadime went for Eng Dalmas Simba from Bura in Mwatate sub-county as his deputy- in- waiting.

By The coast Newspaper Reporter

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ripples in the NASA brigade are still emerging even in few days to the general elections.

The ripples were evident when the two NASA commanders could not agree on whom to support as each of them rallied behind their candidates.

As he addressed a mammoth of supporters in Kilifi at Uwanja wa water, ODM Running mate Kalonzo Musyoka made it clear to the party leader that he should extend his love to the Wipper candidates as they are already in support of the incumbent governor Ammason Jefwa Kingi who is an ODM candidate.

Kalonzo said “As we campaign for Kingi we also ask you to campaign for the Wipper candidates who are vying for various positions in the county”

“We have Eluid Kalama who is going for the Kilifi North Parliamentary seat, Priscilla Munga Women Representative. Support them because we fully support your ODM gubernatorial candidate Kingi” Kalonzo added.

"Am sure you will agree with me because I know this is a friendly fire and for sure the seat will still remain in NASA Kilonzo said amid cheers. 

When Raila “Baba” took to the podium he did not directly addressed the issue of whether to  support the Wipper candidates or not but he concentrated on his speech.

Raila charged the crowd when he termed Jubilee as a government of liars, Thieves, Killers and anti devolution.

“Liars, they said they will bring laptops, make our roods where are all these things? Raila questioned.

Raila made several allegations saying Uhuru’s government is engulfed by greedy people who have made it difficult for investors to put up any plant in the country.

Raila said “Mwanzo ilikuwa serikali yaToa  Kitu Kidogo, halafu ikawa ya Toa Kitu Kikubwa sasa imekuwa serikali ya Tao Kila Kitu TKK. At first it was a government that one had to give a small kick back then it became a government where one had to part with something substantial now you must give everything for you to undertake any business in the country”

He said all the investors are closing down their businesses due to the poor leadership and bad working environment.

“Eveready is already gone, recently Barclays closed down several branches and Nakumat is closing down not because of any other reason but just due to poor governance. We must get rid of this leadership come August 8 and vote in NASA government which will lower the cost of living” Raila told the Kilifi voters.

He lashed on Jubilee leadership for claims of riding on the previous government’s achievement saying it has not initiated any meaningful project.

“We are the ones who started and negotiated for the SGR, the devolution was initiated in the previous government. I want to ask you when you marry a pregnant woman and she gives birth at your homestead do you term the kid to be yours” Raila paused.

Raila caused a great laughter when he told men to shun away sexual intercourse during the night to the voting day.

The meeting went on joyously as Raila kept punching the government left and right with several allegations against it.

As he was about to end his speech and most journalists having already un mounted their cameras rushing to their vehicles Raila called his ODM brigade in Kilifi Owen Baya who is eying the Kilifi North parliamentary seat and Gilbert Peru who is going for the Sokoni MCA seat.

Raila took Baya and Peru by their hands and raised them up before the crowd.

“You all know these people and there is also Mama Mbeyu who is vying for the women Rep seat, i want you to vote for them”

Later when Raila shouted NASA the response was not that appealing and it was evident that the crowd was not pleased with Raila’s last remarks.

In Malindi Raila preached six piece mode of voting pitting Baraka Mtengo a close ally of governor Kingi eying the seat as an Independent candidate.

Raila also took the ODM candidates led by AIsha Jumwa by their hands as he asked the people to vote for them.

The Kilifi the meeting went into a freeze when Raila called for Baya's support and he unceremoniously ended up his speech.

He did not recognize the Wipper candidates but he indirectly responded to Kalonzo’s request. It’s not clear what step Kalonzo will take as the voting date approaches.

Earlier the meeting had been treated to a free show when the Wipper candidate Kalama arrived on a camel when Raila was already seated at the podium.

There were several push and pull as he was ushered to the podium with one group pushing him away while the other forcefully aided him to to the podium.

He had to be carried shoulder high for all pathways were tightly parked.

It took the intervention of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho to have him allowed to the podium.

In his speech Joho asked the congregation to punish the government on behalf of Kilifi governor and himself for claims that they have been mistreated since it ascended to power.

The team later took off for Malindi where it addressed another rally.

By The Coast Reporter

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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has officially disqualified the United Democratic Party candidate Anthony Mkala Chitavi from the Mombasa gubernatorial race.

In a letter signed by the commission secretary/CEO Ezra Chiloba stated that the candidate be disqualified under Article 193 (2)(g) for abuse of a public office and contravention of chapter six of the constitution.

The letter dated June 2, 2017 was addressed to the Returning Officer Mombasa County instructing her to disqualify Chitavi from the race following a resolution by the Commission’s Integrity committee.

The letter read in part “The commission’s integrity committee held its meeting on 31st May, 2017 and discussed an EACC report on Chitavi Anthony Mkala an aspirant for Governor Mombasa County on his eligibility as a candidate”

The letter further stated that the commission considered two reasons for Chitavi’s disqualification;

Chitavi is being accused of contravention of Article 75(1) of the constitution.

He is also accused of conviction in CF MSA ACC 2/2009 on 15/12/2011 for the offence of flouting tendering procedures in the award of medical insurance cover for the Mombasa water and Sewerage Company, in 2007/2008. He was sentenced to a fine of Kshs.800,000/= in default to serve 3years imprisonment. He paid the fine and persued no appeal the CEO wrote.

Chitavi vehemently refuted the allegations saying he got back his money which he paid as the fine after he successfully appealed in the High court.

“I have received this mail at 3.00p.m  today, I would like to point out that the case mentioned herein went to high Court case 279 of 2011 and ruling was on 1.11.2013. The counts were 2 and one was dismissed. Court of Appeal case 11of 2014 being the current position. EACC are up to date. I still hold the IEBC certificate awarded to me by the Mombasa County RO after she was satisfied that I met the requirements. Thank you A Mkalla Charo Chitavi” Chitavi posted on his twitter handle

The letter was also copied to the SG United Democratic Party as well as Mwanyale and Kahindi Advocates.

On her part Mombasa County Returning Officer Nancy Wanjiku said she is not aware of any development pertaining Chitavi’s case.

“I don’t know anything, I remember i cleared him in the nominations and so far I do not have any information about his fate but let me check with the office and I will get back to you” RO Wanjiku said when contacted over the phone.

 However Chitavi says the wars are just but political and a plan to lock him out of the race by a cartel of selfish individuals who are not ready for competition.

 “This is a war on the scramble for the Mijikenda, Christian vote in Mombasa because some individuals do not want a strong Mijikenda candidate on the ballot” Chitavi wrote via sms.

Same allegations of his disqualification emerged moments after he was cleared for the seat but later they turned to be untrue for he claimed not to have received any official communication from the electoral body

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Thirdway Alliance is trying to reach out for KADU Asili in an attempt to form a pre election coalition.

Thirdway alliance presidential candidate running mate Emmanuel Kombe Nzai says the plan is to form partnership with small parties that have no presidential candidates.

Speaking to the Coast Newspaper over the phone on Wednesday, the deputy presidential candidate said their party has already reached out for several small political parties to actualize the same.

“As we speak Talks are going on at Tononoka in Mombasa between my people and those from KADU Asili to see how we can team up and form a coalition. We have also approached Hon Gunga Mwinga’s Devolution Party which does not have a presidential candidate as well and I can report to you that we are doing so well” Nzai said.

He said their party is also targeting independent candidates who could be interested to team up with them.

“We have initiated some discussions with several independent candidates and most of them have shown positive response towards our request” he added.

Nzai was however quick to dismiss allegations that KADU Asili is a sister party of Jubilee.

“I know the gubernatorial candidate for Kilifi could be supporting president Uhuru Kenyatta as a person but not the party and that’s why they’ve agreed to commence the talks on the coalition with my party”Nzai insisted.

KADU Asili has been calling for its supporters to vote a five piece system and decide on whom to vote for as the president in the August polls.

Meanwhile former Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazngu Kambi bagged in 60 million at a fundraiser held in Malindi over the weekend

Relatives, friends, business people and aspirants allied to Coast based Kadu-asili party congregated at Malindi's Billionaire Club and raised the money to help Kambi's campaigns kitty ahead of a tough battle against ODM's incumbent Amason Kingi and Jubilee's Kilifi North MP  Gideon Mung'aro.

At a rally in Malindi after the fundraiser Kambi lured voters to reject Kingi accusing him of failing to deliver residents from grinding poverty.

Kambi and Kingi have been engaged in a war of words with the incumbent urging voters to reject the former Kaloleni MP accusing him of failing as a CS and being allied to Jubilee.

However Kambi has been defending himself against the accusations of abuse of office owing to the fact that he was cleared of the charges by the director of public prosecution.

"That I was exonerated by the DPP of abuse of office allegations shows am innocent. That I chose to vie on a Kadu-asili party ticket shows am not in Jubilee but I know Kingi is desperate after sensing defeat" said Kambi at Malindi amid cheers.

As Kambi goes to constituencies after the other, Kingi has of late been touring projects and addressing residents while Mung'aro engages in door to door campaigns each trying to get a share of the 510,000 Kilifi County votes.

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