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Still Birth Cases On the Increase; Says Expert

By The Coast Reporter

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There are 2.6 million cases of still births Globally recorded annually a senior health research professor attached to the Aga khan University of East Africa has said.  

Speaking in Mombasa on Friday during a population health symposium Professor Dr. Temmerman Marleen said out of the 2.6 million a half, about 1.3 million are fresh still births a category she classified as type two of still births.

 “Universally there are 2.6 still births annually, Out of which 1.3 are fresh still births. The health expert said

The professor attributed macerated still births to diabetic conditions of the expectant mother high blood pressure and or complications arising from lack of proper medication to the expectant mother.

“Fresh still births may arise from diabetic conditions of the expectant mother or high blood pressure.” She said

She pointed out that globally the condition was previously neglected during the millennium development goals which elapsed 2 years ago.

The university don however highlighted that universally Kenya is ranked 153rd country in the war against still births.

“Kenya is ranked 153rd in the war against still births.” The expert insisted.

She called for the need to pump in more funds in the fight against the condition by adopting quality health care.

Professor Temmerman applauded both the county governments and the national government for having factored in their priorities maternal child health care.

“We have to invest in more funds to ensure that this condition is eradicated. Fortunately, the Kenyan government is dedicated to eradicate this problem.” She said

The health expert reiterated that since the launch of the free maternal and Beyond Zero programme by the Kenyan government, the condition has drastically reduced.

She said county governments have a role in ensuring that still births cases are reduced.

She however mentioned the northern counties of Wajir and Mandera and some of the coastal counties Kwale, Kilifi and Lamu as some of the mostly affected counties due to limited maternal child health care facilities.

“County governments should ensure that this condition is wiped out by bringing in quality health care.” She said

The professor called for a collaborative effort between the domestic financiers and donor funding in the war against the condition.

On the issue of antibiotic administration by patient Constance  Shumba, a global health advisor at the Aga Khan Foundation urged patients to strictly use drugs according to doctors’ prescriptions.

She added that it the role of any medical practitioner to ensure to advise and educate the public on antibiotic usage.

“Patients should use antibiotics as per the prescriptions given by the doctors. Shumba insisted

The health advisor insisted that clinical experts the world over should be educated on how to follow clinical guidelines set by their respective countries.

The two day population health symposium organized by the Aga Khan Foundation brought together health experts from leading universities in China, Tsinghua University and Fudan University.

The objective of the symposium was to discuss areas of common interests, including humanities and global health, primary health care, women and child health and infectious diseases.

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