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By The COAST Reporter

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The government has once again urged youth who joined terror groups to willingly surrender and stay safe before the law catches up on them.

Speaking at a forum for countering violence extremism representatives at a Mombasa Hotel on Friday, Mombasa Commissioner Evans Achoki said terrorism has become a global threat and called on the need for Kenyans to stem it out.

Achoki noted that the role of the government is to ensure that her citizens are safe to ensure that their daily activities are not interfered with.

“Terrorism has become a universal threat. As government we are determined to fight the vice.” He insisted

The county security boss however called on Religious leaders and other stake holders to cooperate with the government in its bid to root out terror acts amongst youngsters.

He indicated that through concerted efforts the government is willing to partner with all the stakeholders including county government officials and the civil society organizations in ensuring that the youths do not engage in violent extremism.

“The government will continue protecting, preventing, pursuing and prosecuting all criminals. We appeal all the stakeholders to focus on the young and provide wise counsel to them.” He said

He urged the various stakeholders to focus on the young, provide the relevant education and offer wise counsel to them in order to bring up an informed and able society.

Achoki pledged to continue working with all the stakeholders in countering violent extremism within the county.

He however pinpointed that the police force will be professional in their patrols while dealing with criminals.

“We shall continue working with all the stakeholders in all circles.” The state officer said

He noted that the police department will continue working within the confines of the law while on duty.

Achoki highlighted that the government has already conducted public barazas in all the sub counties in a bid to educate the public on the need to stem any violent terrorist activity within the county.

“The police force will work within the confines of the law.” Achoki noted

At the same time Aimee Ongeso, public international law and policy group programs manager said the Kenyan government is committed to fighting violent extremism throughout the country.

The international human rights crusader noted that as a human rights defender she is concerned with how the government works within the confines of the law.

“The Kenyan government is committed to fighting terrorism throughout the country.” She pointed out

She indicated that dialogue is crucial in ensuring that people do not engage in violent extremist actions.

Aimee noted with concern that in order for Kenyans to thrive socially politically and economically the rule of law must be upheld.

“Dialogue is key in ensuring that that people do not engage in crime.’ She noted

She said Kenya has the best legal framework throughout the world that guarantees an equal opportunity for every single Kenyan.

Meanwhile HAKI Africa executive director Hussein Khalid recommended for a formulation of a better legal framework in the country that will safely accommodate all the returnees.

“Lack of a proper legal frame work makes it difficult for the government to deal with returnees.” He noted

He stated that lack of an appropriate policy in the country makes it difficult for the government to deal with returnees from terror groups.


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Friday, 23 February 2018 12:42

Court Upholds Mohaa's Election

By The COAST Reporter

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High Court in Mombasa has upheld the election of former Journalist Mohammed Ali as Nyali Member of Parliament.

In her ruling made on Friday High Court Judge Lady Lydia Achode said the petitioner Daniel Omondi failed to provide evidence to prove his case against the legislator, IEBC and officials.

Judge Achode said the petitioner also failed to prove that the security officials influenced the counting of votes at the polling station.

"The petitioner should have produced evidence to show that Ali offered bribes , it's not clear if really bribing took occurred” said Achode.

The ruling further disclosed that Omondi failed to prove the color scheme he used during his campaign which resembled that of the Wiper Party while Ali and Wiper used blue.

"From the evidence on the allegations that the first respondent gave out bribes in Nyali constituency with an intension to influence voters has not been established, not at all and this ground must be filled on the display of the candidate campaign materials the petitioner complained that they were public display of the first respondent posters at Elimu polling station," said Achode.

Ali Mohammed was an independent candidate who defeated Saidi Abdalla popularly known as Saido on ODM ticket leading with 26,788 votes against 16,473 votes.

However the police were forced to use tie gas in order to separate the Saidi Abdalla supporters who wanted to attack Ali outside the Mombasa court after the Achode ruling.

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Friday, 23 February 2018 09:47

Improve Service Delivery; Government Urged

By The COAST Reporter

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The institute of Human resource management through its national chairman has called on the government to improve performance in the public sector.

Speaking to journalist in Mombasa on Wednesday during an official launch of HR leaders’ boot camp Elijah Sitima the national chairperson of the Institute said the government has enacted human resource development policies that aims at improving public performance.

He said of late the government has the best HR ever and therefore Kenyan citizens expect the best of their performance.

“There is HR development policies set out by the government whose aim is to improve performance in the public sector. He said

The national official however indicated that there is still an opportunity for the public sector to improve on the performance of its workers.

The official noted that both the public and the private sector jointly share the HR practices for the outright benefit of Kenyans.

“There is an opportunity to improve on the performance of its workers (government).” He noted  

He insisted that stakeholders in both the private and public sector aim at offering relevant skills and training that ensures high and quality performance in their organizations.

“Both the sectors private and public aim at offering relevant skills and competencies for quality performance.” He stated

At the same time Kris Senanu Managing Director Enterprise Telkom Kenya said it is the role of organizations to hire the personnel with the relevant technical experience to run its affairs.

“Organizations should get technically experienced personnel to run its affairs.” He said

He noted that tertiary institutions play a significant role throughout the country by providing actual professional HR personnel.

The official pin pointed that every employer requires skilled manpower that will positively drive the organization to higher levels of performance.

“Tertiary institutions play a leading role in ensuring that professional personnel are recruited.” He explained

The Human resource boot camp dubbed from HR to CEO brought together nearly 200 participants from both the public and private sector.

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By The COAST Reporter

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Governor Granton Samboja has condemned in the strongest terms possible, the move by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to move elephants from Solio and Sangare ranches in Laikipia County to Tsavo East National Park.

Speaking on Thursday, Governor Samboja called on the Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala to halt the process and return the Jumbos to Mt. Kenya saying the community will not allow the translocation.

"Residents of Taita Taveta have for a long time decried the destruction of property and loss of life to no avail. Although residents have reported the matter to the KWS no one has been compensated for their loss and the residents hardly benefit from having the National Park which occupies approximately 63% of our land. For this particular reason we the people of Taita Taveta demand that the ministry reverts this process," said Governor Samboja.

The CIDP in 2 public barazas residents of Sagalla and Marungu said the marauding Jumbos have constantly destroyed their crops thereby exposing them to perennial hunger.

"We are living in fear of our lives and starvation as the elephants constantly attack us and destroy our crops leaving us grappling with hunger and poverty. Our children have no food to eat and learning has been disrupted as they have to leave for school late and come home early. We have been forced to stay awake to chase away the elephants as KWS hardly comes to our rescue," said Mama Maghanga a resident of Marungu.

They are calling on the national government to errect an electric fence so as to keep the elephants in the park.

Speaking on Wednesday when he flagged off the translocation exercise of 21 elephants which is expected to cost Sh4.5 million, CS Najib Balala said the relocation was meant to reduce incidents of human-wildlife conflict in Mt. Kenya region.

“This is the best way to address the issue that has emerged here. Given the size of Tsavo, we don't expect that the animals will interfere with human settlement there. Tsavo can host 30,000 elephants but now has only 12,000,” said Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

Given that Taita Taveta County suffers from increased human wildlife conflict, the residents fear that an influx of elephants in the park is directly proportional to a death sentence.

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