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Immediate former Taita-Taveta County Assembly Speaker Meshack Maganga retained his seat in a hotly contested election amid claims of voter bribery.

Maganga beat his sole competitor  Lawyer Janet Mwawasi Oben who was being fronted by the County Governor Granton Samboja and Taveta MP Dr Naomi Shaban.

The governor and Dr Shaban had been calling for regional balance in the election of the speaker since some constituencies like Voi and Taveta were unrepresented during the just concluded general election.

Mr Maganga got 11 votes against eight votes garned by the Nairobi based lawyer in the third round of voting.

The two candidates did not meet the required threshold in the first and second rounds in an election presided over by the County assembly Clerk Michael Ngala.

Ms Oben  also lost the Jubilee Party primaries for the county women representative seat in the last elections.

Thirteen Nominated members of the county assembly were not lucky as they were locked out of the election following a High Court Order issued in Mombasa barring them to do so.

Efforts by the Nominated MCAs to forcefully gain access into the chambers were blocked by security personnel deployed at the chambers.

“We are here to represent the interests of women and we should be allowed in to participate in voting,” said one of the nominated MCAs Anastanzia Wakesho.

In the Deputy Speaker’s seat, Bomani Ward Representative Chrispus Tondoo retained his seat after beating his sole rival Newton Salim, the Wumingu-Kishushe Ward Representative with 13 votes against seven.

Addressing MCAs at the chambers, Mr Maganga promised to uphold the principal’s separation of powers.

“Residents have high expectations to the county assembly on matters pertaining to service delivery. Do not embark on unnecessary wrangles and sideshows at the expense of serving th electorate,” he told the MCAs.

“We should be vibrant in making practical laws to govern the county. I will strive to strengthen the capacity of  MCAs and staff to effectively discharge their mandate,” added Maganga.

In Kilifi County Assembly Jimmy Kahindi Kadhua his seat in an election under the watchful eye of the Assembly clerk Anold Mkare Jefwa.

The two rounds elections saw the 53 MCA’s participate in a stiff elections conducted at the chambers in Malindi town.

In the first round former Kaloleni legislator Gunga Mwinga Chea got 18 votes against the incumbent Jimmy Kahindi Kadhua who got 32.

Other contenders Stephene Sanga Barawa got 3 votes while lawyer Mwahunga Mutano pulled from the last end without a single vote.In second round Kahindi gannered 40 votes against 13 votes of his rival Gunga with Barawa maintaining 0.

 Though Kahindi won the seat it is alleged that he is not a registered voter for did not submit the clearance certificate from the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission IEBC.

 "The only document in dispute was therefore the certificate from by the IEBC and not the entire bundle of nomination forms" the clerk said when asked by journalists to comment on the matter.

"We understand that Mr.Kahindi is not a registered voter from the details we inquired from the clerk," said Mr. Gunga.

In his speech Speaker Kahindi said the key agendas on poverty, unemployment, inequality of projects divisions among others would be a thing of the past.He assured Kilifi residents that he would work in an organised system and ensure programs and activities are guided to respond problems of the people.

"Being elected for the second time, I already understand the progress of all county projects and only need to continue from where I stopped," he said.

In attendance were local members of parliament Asha Jumwa Malindi, Teddy Mwambire ganze, Women Rep Getrude Mbeyu led by Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi.

Smmy Ruwa of Kwale County Assembly also retained his seat after beating nine other contestants.The seat had ten contenders among them a lady Elizebeth Dzame who was disqualified for late submission of paper while Gereza dena pulled out of the race at the eleventh hour.

A Journalist Hezron Obadiah was also out for the county Assembly seat but he could not match the heat of the race.

Ruwa got 34 votes in the second round beating Raphael chimera who got 9 votes.The exercise was presided over by the county clerk Dennis MtuiOther contestants were Nicholas Zani, Rama Ndegwa alongside other who never won even a single vote.

Kubo South MCA was elected deputy Speaker.

In Mombasa a businessman Kharub Ibrahim will now head the Assembly of the Port town county after being elected un opposed.

This was after 11 other candidates who among them two women were  locked out over late submission of applications.Among those who were locked out is former mayor Ahmed Mundhari who was locked out for submitting their papers late.

Port Reitz MCA Fadhili Mwakarani Mwalimu who was also elected unopposed will now deputize Kharub.

The election exercise took place immediately after the MCA’s were sworn in by the county assembly clerk Salim Juma.The 2nd county assembly will compose  of 42 members 30 elected while 12 are nominated.

Mtongwe MCA Hamisi Mwidani is set to retain the leader of majority position.

Michael Nkaduda of Khulesa village in Garsen Constituency emerged the winner and will now head the Tana River County Assembly as the first Pokomo Speaker.

Nkaduda, garnered 15 votes to beat his closest challenger, immediate former local county assembly clerk Mohammed Hassan Dube, who got eight votes during the second round of the elections held at the county assembly chambers on Wednesday.

The seat attracted 14 candidates, two of who were disqualified while three bowed out of the race at the eleventh hour.

In the first round of the elections presided over by acting county assembly clerk Musa Mohamed, Nkaduda garnered 14 votes with the assembly’s immediate acting clerk Mr. Dube getting eight votes and immediate former Galole MP Hassan Dukicha a solitary vote.

The other six candidates did not receive any vote. They were Senate losers Omar Kofa Komora and Bakari Garise, former Tana River Transition Coordinator Anania Karhayu Deye, immediate former MCAs Daudi Tuyo Galdesa and Salimu Mohamed Aribicho and businessman Hassan Malibe Morowa.

Former assistant minister Danson Buya Mungatana, immediate former Garsen Member of Parliament Ibrahim Sane and businessman Isaaq Buya withdrew from the race a few hours to the elections.

During the August 8 elections, Nkaduda, who vied on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket, garnered 20,799 votes and lost the senatorial seat to Juma Golicha Wario of Jubilee Party, who scooped 21,573 votes.

The county has 15 elected MCAs and eight nominated ones as opposed to the last assembly that had 26 MCAs - 15 elected and eleven nominated.

The elected MCAs who took the oath of office included Dela Masha Boru (Garsen Central), Rhoda Katisha Raha (Garsen South), Bonaya Momar Salim (Garsen North), Mohamed Ahmed Gabo (Garsen West), Manase Samuel Guyo (Kipini East) and Musa Wario Shura (Kipini East).

Others were Sammy Malibe Hiribae (Kinakomba), Sauda Maiya Loda (Chewani), Galole Saddam Hussein (Wayu), Mohamed Buya Yusa (Mikinduni), Abdi Ergamso (Madogo), Ibrahim Sala Adamow (Bangale), Fauzia Hachewele Sadiq (Sala), Yusuf Sigiriso Shekala (Chewele) and Ismael Bodha Kodobo (Hirimani).

Nominated MCAs who were sworn in were Keiro Kadija Snad and Mariam Guracho Argamso of Jubilee Party, Faith Tumaini Kombe of Amani National Congress and Fatuma Diramo Abdala of Kanu who were nominated as a gende top up.Others were Ms Salima Hawachu Farid of Ford Kenya will represent the youth, while Osman Dumali Haji of ANC will represent minority groups, Gubad Hassan Farhan of Jubilee Party (youth category) and Said Kuri Godana of Kanu (persons with disabilities).


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