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Ripples in the NASA brigade are still emerging even in few days to the general elections.

The ripples were evident when the two NASA commanders could not agree on whom to support as each of them rallied behind their candidates.

As he addressed a mammoth of supporters in Kilifi at Uwanja wa water, ODM Running mate Kalonzo Musyoka made it clear to the party leader that he should extend his love to the Wipper candidates as they are already in support of the incumbent governor Ammason Jefwa Kingi who is an ODM candidate.

Kalonzo said “As we campaign for Kingi we also ask you to campaign for the Wipper candidates who are vying for various positions in the county”

“We have Eluid Kalama who is going for the Kilifi North Parliamentary seat, Priscilla Munga Women Representative. Support them because we fully support your ODM gubernatorial candidate Kingi” Kalonzo added.

"Am sure you will agree with me because I know this is a friendly fire and for sure the seat will still remain in NASA Kilonzo said amid cheers. 

When Raila “Baba” took to the podium he did not directly addressed the issue of whether to  support the Wipper candidates or not but he concentrated on his speech.

Raila charged the crowd when he termed Jubilee as a government of liars, Thieves, Killers and anti devolution.

“Liars, they said they will bring laptops, make our roods where are all these things? Raila questioned.

Raila made several allegations saying Uhuru’s government is engulfed by greedy people who have made it difficult for investors to put up any plant in the country.

Raila said “Mwanzo ilikuwa serikali yaToa  Kitu Kidogo, halafu ikawa ya Toa Kitu Kikubwa sasa imekuwa serikali ya Tao Kila Kitu TKK. At first it was a government that one had to give a small kick back then it became a government where one had to part with something substantial now you must give everything for you to undertake any business in the country”

He said all the investors are closing down their businesses due to the poor leadership and bad working environment.

“Eveready is already gone, recently Barclays closed down several branches and Nakumat is closing down not because of any other reason but just due to poor governance. We must get rid of this leadership come August 8 and vote in NASA government which will lower the cost of living” Raila told the Kilifi voters.

He lashed on Jubilee leadership for claims of riding on the previous government’s achievement saying it has not initiated any meaningful project.

“We are the ones who started and negotiated for the SGR, the devolution was initiated in the previous government. I want to ask you when you marry a pregnant woman and she gives birth at your homestead do you term the kid to be yours” Raila paused.

Raila caused a great laughter when he told men to shun away sexual intercourse during the night to the voting day.

The meeting went on joyously as Raila kept punching the government left and right with several allegations against it.

As he was about to end his speech and most journalists having already un mounted their cameras rushing to their vehicles Raila called his ODM brigade in Kilifi Owen Baya who is eying the Kilifi North parliamentary seat and Gilbert Peru who is going for the Sokoni MCA seat.

Raila took Baya and Peru by their hands and raised them up before the crowd.

“You all know these people and there is also Mama Mbeyu who is vying for the women Rep seat, i want you to vote for them”

Later when Raila shouted NASA the response was not that appealing and it was evident that the crowd was not pleased with Raila’s last remarks.

In Malindi Raila preached six piece mode of voting pitting Baraka Mtengo a close ally of governor Kingi eying the seat as an Independent candidate.

Raila also took the ODM candidates led by AIsha Jumwa by their hands as he asked the people to vote for them.

The Kilifi the meeting went into a freeze when Raila called for Baya's support and he unceremoniously ended up his speech.

He did not recognize the Wipper candidates but he indirectly responded to Kalonzo’s request. It’s not clear what step Kalonzo will take as the voting date approaches.

Earlier the meeting had been treated to a free show when the Wipper candidate Kalama arrived on a camel when Raila was already seated at the podium.

There were several push and pull as he was ushered to the podium with one group pushing him away while the other forcefully aided him to to the podium.

He had to be carried shoulder high for all pathways were tightly parked.

It took the intervention of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho to have him allowed to the podium.

In his speech Joho asked the congregation to punish the government on behalf of Kilifi governor and himself for claims that they have been mistreated since it ascended to power.

The team later took off for Malindi where it addressed another rally.

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