Youth in Coast Team up to Support Uhuru

Members of Vijana Pwani na Uhuru Group led by their Chairman Mbwana in black cap Members of Vijana Pwani na Uhuru Group led by their Chairman Mbwana in black cap


The Coast Newspaper Reporter

Jubilee party has received a massive support after youth from across the six counties in the Coast Region - Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Tana River, Lamu and Taita Taveta pronounced their total support to the ruling party.

The group calling itself ‘Vijana Pwani na Uhuru’ has vowed to drum up support for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The founder and chairman Mr Jeff Bwana says the group that has a membership of 3,000 people seeks to break down barriers resulting from decades of negative political propaganda and mis-information.

He says Vijana Pwani Na Uhuru seeks to dismantle negative ethnicity that has been the hallmark of opposition politics in Coast region, through the use of their vast and immense innovation power, talents, skill to influence the region.

“It is a team of progressive thinking youth working as President Uhuru’s campaign foot soldiers and is designed to uncover the potential of youths as unbound and new drivers of an ethnicity free society.” he said.

Mr Bwana said that besides campaigning for President Kenyatta, the group will also advocate against tribalism and violence especially during this election period.

“This group is alive to and part of the journey of courage taken by the President to dismantle generational tribalism. It’s about hope, resilience, self-discovery and re-awakening by the youths from Coast region taking a common and shared understanding,” he noted.

He said that it is time youths rose up against ethnicity and act on it as it is the generation that bear the greatest social, economic and political cost burden of ‘generation tribalism’.

“Therefore, we should stand up and ensure we do not pass on this burden to the next generation,” he said.

Vijana Pwani Na Uhuru, he noted was alive to the fact that negative ethnicity and propaganda is a real threat and a constant constraint facing the youths as the election nears.

“The youths have the power to change these choices at any time in order to achieve more satisfactory results through supporting the President’s re-election campaign, Mr Bwana said. 

Youths, he noted view themselves as ‘The living brands of Kenya and are looking for leaders who will inspire them, motivate and create space through which they can express their individual brands to create a national super brand- Kenya.



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