Mungatana Concedes Defeat as Godhana Revives his Political Career

Tana river Governor Elect Dhado Godhana Gadhae receiving his election certificate from CRO Tana River Mohammed Ganjobe Raka Tana river Governor Elect Dhado Godhana Gadhae receiving his election certificate from CRO Tana River Mohammed Ganjobe Raka

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

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Tana River gubernatorial contender Damson Mungatana has conceded defeat after loosing to the Orange Democratic Party candidate Major Retired Godhana Gadhae Dhadho who is making a come back after he lost in 2013.

In a press statement to News Rooms, Mungatana congratulated Major Godhana and pledged to work with him.

He said “Am happy with the outcome of the elections and wish the governor elect well and congratulate him for the brave fight”

Mungatana hence called on his team to cooperate with the governor elect for the good of Tana River Communty.

The Kenya Patriots Party KPP candidate said though he lost he was equally happy with the outcome and the effort demonstrated by his team.

“Getting ten thousands votes in Tana River County with virtually no resources to campaign with is not a child’s play” Mungatana said when called over the phone to clarify.

KPP Party did not secure a single seat in Tana River despite fielding several contenders for various positions.

The ambitions of the Team Mungatana which comprised of his deputy Hassan Bare, Women representative contestant  Rukia Abdi Mohammed and the Senator hopeful Maur Bwanamaka did not see the light of the day after they were thrashed left right by their respective counterparts.

The women Rep slot went to Rehema Hassan of Maendeleo Chap Chap party while Juma Wario of Jubilee grabbed the senatorial position.

Though Rehema was elected on a Chap Chap ticket she is an ally of the incoming governor major retired  Godhana whom they have been campaigning together.

Godhana’s campaign trail was comprised of various political parties even those outside the NASA coalition.

Ali Wario Guyo Wipper candidate from the Orma community dislodged Ibrahim Sane a Wardei for the Garsen seat who was making a second attempt in vain.

Member of National Assembly for Bura constituency went to Ford Kenya’s Said Buya Harribae popularly known as Said Posta a Pokomo after trouncing the outgoing Hassan Dukicha from the Orma community.

In Bura Ali Wario – Orma who is serving a third staggered term in parliament managed to retain his seat on a Jubilee ticket.

The Wardei community lost it all despite fielding several candidates for various positions.

Jilo Algee a Wardei who was yawning for the gubernatorial seat failed to match Godhana’s efforts hence losing miserably.

Hassan Bare a Wardei as well is also going home empty handed after his master Damson Mungatana failed to make it to the top seat in Tana River County.

Dr Nuh Nassir a Wardei is packing his order books at the County Assembly paving way for another speaker after loosing in the gubernatorial race.

As the Wardei community county their losses, information has emerged that the community had ganged at the eleventh hour and vowed not to vote for any one outside their community.

Reliable sources revealed that though the outgoing Garsen legislator Ibrahim Sane was vying through the KPP ticket, he quickly diverted his support to Dr Nuh at the eleventh hour.

It’s not clear what led to the last minute change of heart and what really prompted to his last minute decision but locals say the community leaders confronted and demanded him to change his stand so as to support one of their one.

The move did not augur well to the other Wardei contestants for they were all knocked out in every position they had tendered their candidates for.

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