Mungatana Tells off Political Imposters in Tana River County

Former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana addressing his supporters in Tana River over the weekend Former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana addressing his supporters in Tana River over the weekend

By The Coast Newspaper Reporter

Former Garsen Member of Parliament Danson Mungatana has castigated a clique of political imposters in Tana River County accusing them of plotting to use the gubernatorial seat to enrich themselves at the expense of the local residents,

Mungatana said such individuals without followings in the county politics were positioning themselves as gubernatorial candidates knowing well they would not even win a ward representative seat.

Mungatana said the imposters have been soliciting for money from one politician to the other on claims they would offer political support by dividing the votes from their respective communities.

Addressing Christian faithful at a fundraiser in aid of Kulesa Lutheran church in Garsen over the weekend, the former Kenya Ports Authority Boss said the imposters were doing a great disservice to the entire Tana River community.

Mungatana confirmed that the group has already infiltrated the Gasa leadership which is the top organ in the local Community in order to deny him the local support.

“Honestly how do you claim that you can win the top most seat in the county when you are very much aware that you cannot even win the seat for the Member of County Assembly” Posed Mungatana.

He warned that the County risk being in the opposition for the next five years if they fail to unite and support one candidate through the jubilee Party which he said would win the next general elections.

“We have to invest in national politics by supporting one candidate to be in the government that’s how we shall have the face to claim for a share of it when it ascends to power come 2017” Mungatana added.

Mungatana also claimed there is a plot to divide the Piokomo Community and ensure they do not vote as block.

In the last general elections the Pokomo community in Tana River had at least five candidates for every position a thing which made them not to secure even a single seat.

Meanwhile, the former legislator accused the incumbent governor Hussein Dhado for failing to utilize the county resources for the good of the local people.

Mungatana claimed Governor Dhado was misusing public resources saying so far he has purchased for himself a bullet proof vehicle on claims he was being targeted by assailants.

The claims are yet to be confirmed by Governor Dhado who The Coast Newspaper sort for his reactions invain.

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