Embrace New Technology to Transport Petroleum; Kenyans Advised

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By Peter Kombe
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Kenyans are advised to embrace new technology in transportation of petroleum in order to meet the current demand of 6 Billion Litres per annum.

Cabinet Secretary for Petroleum and mining John Munyes said the government has banked its hope on the 48 billion line 5 project to combat the challenge.

The CS noted that after the completion of the project line will facilitate supply of the product throughout the country.

He however disclosed that storage capacity still remains a challenge in the country.

“The supply of the product will be double once the construction is over. Kenya still faces storage capacity challenges.” He said

Munyes explained that there is quite a high demand of the product within the country and beyond the borders.

He added that most of the petroleum products are supplied to Uganda, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

He indicated that over kshs 10 million is wasted every month due to pipeline damages and breakages and thus called for the need to enhance efficiency.

The state official called on legislators to work on the petroleum bill and ensure that it is passed to streamline the petroleum sector.

“This country loses over 10 million every month due to damage of the pipeline insisting that the government is concerned about the welfare of her citizens and thus expect to reduce the price of the product for the common man” added Munyes

He called on Kenyans not to politicize the construction of the kshs 48 billion project saying it is an investment opportunity to the state.

“As government we are aware of the high prices of the product and expect to reduce the price.” The CS noted

He assured Kenyans that the ministry will be enhanced to increase efficiency and transportation of the product.

Meanwhile, Kenya pipeline managing director Joe Sang said after the completion of the new line about 1 million litres of petroleum will be transported per hour.

“We expect to transport about million litres of petroleum once this line is completed. Sang said

He said the current line transports about 730,000 litres per hour.

Some of the petroleum products include natural gas, kerosene, crude oil and diesel.

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